Thursday, April 29, 2010

Worn-out Wednesday

After waking up around 10:00am, I drove to lot 30. I looked outside and decided, "I need another 15 minute nap". Above was the view I had from the inside of my car.

I was so tired today... it was hard to concentrate and I didn't get any of my studies done. Argh. At the commons, I saw that some people had similar feelings as I did...
SJ looks tired, huh?

Fast forwarding past all those things, I was really glad to have Holy Time at SRB today. We got to hear Sam's life story and have a short time of worship. It was great. I want to write more, but I'm so tired now. I'm heading off to sleep!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Library, midterm review, bowling, project, and DDR

My productive screen... and midterm review (for a class I'm not in...)

My library study partner. He's definitely ready to study.

Today, my friend Sen and I went to study at the library. We were pretty productive. So productive, that we were rewarded for our efforts. (Evidence below)
We actually got a little side-tracked and ended up looking up how much a 1945 penny was worth. We found out that it also depends on where it was minted (D for Denver and S for San Fran). Well, lots of studying done... as you can see.

We ended up heading to the commons to get food, but I totally forgot to take pictures of it. Oh... woe is me. But I did get to take a snap shot of Joseph's awesome braille notebook.
My bike on the left, Joseph's braille notebook on the right.
Did you know it has bluetooth, wifi, a windows operating system, and more? Neato!

Anyways, we went bowling later on, but I was studying at a table as you can see below.
I was sitting near all the billiard tables and saw some familiar people there as well.
Do I know those people?
Apparently I do...

Well, after I finished the majority of my project, I decided to take a look at the bowling scores and how people were doing. Looks like everyone had fun!
It was exciting and funny to see people go crazy... but my camera isn't good enough to
get nice pictures. =(

After all that cheering and excitement, I spent my last few moments doing what I do best.

Yup... wasting money at the arcades. Woot! And that was the end of the day. =)

Monday, April 26, 2010

The commons: after 7pm

My workspace. You can't see it, but my homework is somewhere on the taskbar.
Seriously... I was doing work.

It was pretty productive for me today, although it's kind of bad that I keep doing the majority of my work at night instead of the day time. Someone once told me that you have a higher potential of getting work done in the day time than at night. Meh...

The commons is so empty at night... but it's still pretty messy.
It's usually MUCH worse than this. =(

I really hate how the commons gets so dirty on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't really have a picture of it, but I'll put one up later on. I don't know why people keep making it so messy when they use it so much. If the janitors didn't clean that up, then no one would use this place. It gets me thinking... how dirty would bathrooms be without janitors? Dang...

Bonus pic: From the depths of my corner.
What is this bug? Can someone tell me what this is? It looks pretty harmless... so I didn't kill it.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

VBS meeting and gas station

Today was pretty interesting. I'm going to skip the day about church, because I totally forgot what happened and there was so much that happened. I'll let you know what happened during VBS meeting though!

As I was eating, my chopstick broke. I might have been because the potsticker was too hard or I was using too much strength. Either way, it made me feel like I was freakin' buff. ;D
Here's a snapshot of some kimchi. Mmmm yummeh!
Here's the rest of the food. I forgot to take it before we devoured most of it.
And here's the culprit responsible for breaking my chopsticks. You bad bad potsticker!

As you can see, VBS meeting was very productive. We had lots of food, discussed the plans for VBS, and proceeded to make fun of each other. It was great! =)

And at the end of the day...
I actually got 15 dollars exactly! Next time, I'll try to get exactly 5 gallons! =)

Me 1, gas station 0! Well, technically, we're sort of even because the gas station stole 15 dollars from me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mind over matter... what do you think?

Can we really do things if we set our minds to it? Neglecting the fact that some people believe there is another power out there that can affect our actions... do our attitudes really reflect the potential we have to accomplish something?

Personally, I believe that is true. Someone who is motivated to work on a project will be more likely to finish. The people who don't seem to make progress are probably people who are deceiving themselves into thinking they really care about what they are doing. Sometimes it may be true that people cannot accomplish the things they aim to do, but most of the time I think it is just a matter of time management.

Throughout my life, I noticed that I do not accomplish things when I feel that it takes too much effort. Then my motivation goes away, because I like things to be completed or finished before a week. Anything that takes more than I week to finish (sometimes even just a few days) makes my mind automatically think that it is impossible. Subconsciously I think I can't do it. I consciously try to make myself believe it can be done, but my lazy self automatically switches to that pessimistic mindset.

If the mind can really affect all our actions, can we find something that will affect our minds?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Apples to Apples

I really like this game a lot. If you play with the right people, you get the funniest results. People will argue the most ridiculous things and sometimes you have to pick from the most random selection of cards. I love it a lot. Some of my favorite cards were:
  • Fat bastard
  • E.T. (I argued that he was yummy, but also grotesque)
  • Crazed baboon (If I had this card, I would have gotten the abrasive card)
  • Flying squirrels (I just love them)
  • Albus Dumbledore
  • Charlie Chaplin
I can't remember the other cards I had, but they were so fun to argue for. Awesome game.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today's adventure with David Yoon

It was a Thursday morning. I heard some kind of constant resounding noise in the background. Alarmed, I got up immediately (not really...). I looked at the source of the noise and found a bomb beeping every second. It had the shape of a phone and I couldn't figure out how to dismantle it. I desperately pressed random numeric keys, but it wouldn't desist. Just when I was about to give up, when I accidentally pressed a button called "stop alarm" and ended the sounds of impending doom.

Afterwards, I rushed out of my room, cautiously (or drowsily) looking around, unsure of the potential spiritual battles I would face by rushing out. Almost escaping from the booby trapped house, I remembered that my partner was left unconscious in one of the rooms. I woke David up and we rushed out to equip ourselves for a counter attack against Satan. Being weaponless and defenseless, we had no chance against him at this time.

We went into our souped up armored vehicle and parked at the barrier right before school. I used my BoA card to obtain an invisibility modification to the vehicle and took my armored bicycle to our mission field. As we approached UCR, a red hand with a number appeared and the number started to count down. David, unaware of the danger, was walking casually, but I knew that the bridge to UCR would be demolished by explosives if we didn't cross it fast enough. Warning him about this danger, we sped on my bicycle and zoomed through, barely escaping the following explosions and movie-like flames.

We stopped at our preparation room for morning prayer and equipped our spiritual armor and weapons. Now it is time to face the spiritual battles head on.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dream of stuff being stolen

I had this dream when I was knocked out in the commons.

I dreamed that I was with Joseph Lee and some other KCCC people at a park. We were eating and having a good time. Suddenly, I noticed that there were two random people who were walking away from our location with a suspicious aura about them. I realized that they stole Joseph's cane and braillenote, so I came up to them and asked for it back, but they ignored me.

"Oh snap, they're stealing Joseph's stuff!"

So I decided to call the cops and then I stupidly walked up to their car to report the license plate number. The two guys came out of the car and walked towards me.

"Oh freak... I'm gonna die..."

When they almost got to me, they started to run back to their cars and for some reason my dream fast forwarded to a point where they stayed in their car and the police officer drove to where everyone (KCCC people) were. I asked him for Joseph's stuff and he gave it to me. I was so happy and then I woke up.