Friday, July 23, 2010

Scary scary

This is the moment where everything is scary. The projects I have to finish aren't finished and the time I have left is dwindling. It's really scary to see things end up like this and I start to question how qualified am I? I don't think I can do this any longer... and I'm regretting how I have so many second chances... but I gotta give my best and try things from a different angle. Let's get this done and overcome these obstacles. I don't want to sacrifice the time and money I've been given.

I no longer want to be motivated by fear or impeded by laziness. I want to be motivated by my love for CS and God.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aww... no photos? Jerk!

I've been having interesting dreams lately. I would think that most of them would be centered around video games, but most of them have just been around fear and insecurity. I kind of hate these dreams, but then I realize that there's a part of me I need to focus upon. God can really change my life, but I haven't even talked to God about it.

I want to talk to God as if He is truly my father and not someone who I constantly pray to for materials and my wants. How rude would I be if I only did that? I also forgot how I had dedicated my life to God and forgot the meaning of my baptism. Life is too short to focus on only the problems.

It's time to focus on the solutions I can come up with.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Celebrating the end of VBS

Awesome helpers from VBS! We went to eat some food funded by yours truly. =)

The most interesting fortune cookie I found

Seriously... this fortune is the best one I've had.

Hamster problems

James's hamster. Ew.

Moving at the speed of light!

Sometimes life moves fast. You just have to move faster. Or slow down. I could never figure out which one was right.

Dark and... not so dark.

I look really really dark. I almost couldn't see myself in my picture... but Sen has pretty light skin.

Shopping with my Mui

Aww, Mui is always so pretty! Thanks for cooking for me, Mui!
What are you planning to do, cutie?

Yeah, I thought so. ;D

My favorite ogre

Sometimes I go to 7-11 with my favorite Chinese fob and I look at him in a new perspective. No matter how many times I look at this, he looks soooooo cute~~

Stuff that has happened, missing photos, etc...

Sorry, this was extra long because I didn't take the time to blog separately about these things, but it's (probably) never going to happen again. =)

Remember this rock from spring retreat? Well, I bet most of you guys won't know it, but it's from James's group and it has Andrew's name spelled wrong. xD
This is Chris... knocked out from driving from Gethsemane. Man, he's going crazy.
Yummeh! Food I got with Joseph (my soon won) at El Taurino. Ah, yummy goodness.
Oh yeah, the security guard is super nice, because he took us to the front of the line so Joseph could order first. What a nice guy. But then a half an hour later, there was a fight outside and he owned this drunk guy. Yeah yuh!
Barbecue sale stuff in the back of my car, while I was reading Chris's Bible and making sure it wasn't stolen. I like my backpack, btw...
What a small tomato. (Guess what this is?)
Brother's appreciation. I didn't get to take many pictures though... Still, I liked the food a lot. =)
Of course, I can't make out who this person is, but I think it's Tim. Awesome, awesome Tim. =)
There's this weird bug I found... but I don't know what it is. Can you tell me?
My plans for my project. It was a bit hard to pull off and I had to make many changes to it, but planning early goes a long way. =)
KCCC Annual Banquet... but it's interesting how my ticket number is also the 404 error you get for webpages. Interesting...
Oh my freakin' goodness... look at all the parking tickets I got! I could have bought so many chicken sandwiches with these... ugh...
My favorite mug. Thanks Johnny!
I like this picture for some reason.
My favorite event of all time. Love it!
VBS... so awesome! I worked on the snack station, but I did take pictures of the other stations. Seriously... so crazy! This was also the day I fell asleep on Daniel. Best pillow ever!