Thursday, August 26, 2010

Awesome group: The Gregory Brothers

I would post up a picture of it, but I don't want to just take the picture from their site. Still, check out their youtube videos. Just search for "auto tune the news" and you'll find some of their AWESOME work! Very creative and HILARIOUS!

I especially like the voice of Sarah Gregory. I think this song (Always Summertime) is a very good example (

You can download it on itunes, along with various other songs from The Gregory Brothers. Dang, I've been listening to it for such a long time!

Oh yeah, btw, my merchant is now level 52/41! I could job change to blacksmith, but I want to level up vending and enlarge weight capacity. I think I'll try to change at job 50... but I don't know if I can finish that.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Leveling solo

There are not many guides for leveling solo with a merchant, so here is what I've been doing with my merchant.

My merchant is (planned to be) a hybrid agi/vit, where I try to aim for these stats as a 1st job:
50 str
40-50 agi
20-30 vit
20 dex

Right now, I'm level 46, but it took a pretty long time. At around level 40, I found that you can level pretty quickly with exp quests in mjolnir_01. All you have to do is hunt cocos and collect the acorns. If you collect 25 acorns, you can complete a quest from Nutters (293, 20) for some nice exp. If you do the quest for killing cocos, you can get good exp from that as well.
(It's no longer available at lvl 61... so that's as far as this will take me...)

Right below me is the NPC for the Coco quests. The one on the right does quests for Caramels, but that's too much for my character at the moment.

Almost all the guides I've seen recommend using elemental weapons, but I can't afford that right now. Bleh.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back into RO... a little at a time

I've been getting back into RO, and it's refreshing to do so. I'm leveling my little merchant and trying to get to job level 50, but I think it'll take a while. I have 12 more job levels to go, but it's tough doing this solo. I don't mind though, gives me some time to hunt for items and wait for my sister to come play. =)

Trying to get some rough eluniums...

Before this map, I was leveling in smokies. Although it was decent exp and okay drops, I was just tired of leveling there. I decided to just kill stainers and horns for some decent exp and the chance for rough eluniums. OH YEAH, UPGRADE ARMOR! =D

Dreaming again

Today I had a weird dream after napping. Here goes.

At first, I was in LA doing something... probably waiting for a friend. Later I decide it's a waste of time to just sit there and maybe I would grab something to eat. As I was exiting, I almost hit a cop car that was heading to the same exit. I let him pass and stop behind him. He later moves behind this corner building near an exit. Later I see some thug looking people walk by and the cop got out of the car and chased them.

The cop then took out a nightstick and beat some of the thugs, but they took out knives, a gun, and used their fists to beat him up. They never fired the gun, but the police after fell into my passenger seat of my car. He was bloodied (not in my dream, but when I reported it later) and went back to take down the thugs, but he still got owned.

In total fear after a few minutes of not hearing him say or do anything, I drove as far as I could and called 911. The officer's partner picked up, listened to my explanation, and I magically teleported into his police car. He was going to use sandwich slices to defeat the thugs. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

Some how time passes by really quick and we failed. Later, we both were sent to boot camp to train. It was really tough and I don't know what happened, but it was just a whole bunch of kids being yelled at and told to run up hills. Somehow I passed the camp examination, and I stupidly re-enrolled into camp again. D'oh!

When I was in camp again, I saw some of my third grade students in their bunks and the camp instructor was talking to me, telling me to wash the dishes regularly. I said, "If you want, I'll wash it every day and anytime you want me too". He smiled and said, "Ok".
(This sounds so gay)

We all started to watch a movie (I don't know what it was about) and then I felt like spitting out mucus and blowing it out of my nose. I went to the bathroom several times and the last time I went, I started vomiting a black, liquidy substance. It was a slick substance that can slide on the sink a bit and it was super nasty. In my dream, I thought it was because of eating curry, but I never ate any curry.

Man, that was freaky.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Moldy strawberries and yummy dinner

I know the title kind of throws you off and you might be thinking, "How do those two things go together?". Well, I was shopping in Stater Bros. and I found those strawberries, and then I went home to eat a dinner that I wanted to show you. No, it wasn't the strawberries.

I was looking for strawberries for my kids the next day, but I saw this and thought, "Screw it, I'm just going to get some grapes".
For dinner, I had boiled eggs with fish sauce, tuna sandwich, and corn! Woot woot!

God's Image concert 2010: In Christ Alone & Mushrooms in UCR

Title explains it all:

I saw my third grade student (Heidi Ku) and her 1st grade sister (Melody Ku) perform on stage!
It was an awesome experience of worship... I was really touched by everyone there...
Especially when the performers got together and reminded everyone where they wanted their focus to be on: God.
Saw these mushrooms near the construction fences of UCR. Interesting. I wonder if they taste good...

Stuff I forgot to post

Here are some of the pictures I forgot to put up...

1. Eating with Chris, Scott, and James after cleaning SRB...

2. Sen's mattress in my room. Blargh.

3. James passed his driver's license test!
(15 = fail)

(I love sachi the most, because he likes to snuggle and sleep on me)

5. My favorite Chinese fob...
Found you in nor-cal! =)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dream about Reno, expanded

There's this weird dream I had about driving 4 friends and my sister with me to Reno. On the way, we made stops and weird stuff happened, but I don't remember. Anyways...

When we reached Reno, we parked at some garage and we all played in the arcade (for some reason it escaped my mind that Reno was also for gambling). We all tried out the games and
had a bunch of fun, went to our rooms to sleep. That was when we heard Mui snoring really loud and she kept saying stuff like, "I'm hungry..." and "I'm bored...", so my friend next to me was laughing with me about it.

Right after, I was about to sleep when my friend next to me kept tickling me and I couldn't sleep. My sister YELLED at him and FORCEFULLY told him to quit it, with her body language signaling that she would kill someone if they bugged me again. (Aw, how sweet...)

I couldn't sleep (in the dream), so I walked to find where I parked, but I couldn't find it. The valet parking people were singing at the beginning of my search and they sang about everything I was looking at or looking for. The whole time I was scared that my car would be towed or that I would get fined.

I finally find the garage I parked in and suddenly it was so windy and I couldn't move myself forward very much. This little kid comes down from the hill I'm walking on and starts mocking me. He then uses his stick to poke me hard on the belly and says something like, "You probably won't even last a minute in the arena" (what arena?). I couldn't control myself and pushed the kid down and slapped him on the head a few times (oh my gosh... the whole time I did it I was regretting it). Then his brother came up and got really angry and warned me to never do that again (implying that he would probably kill me). He then goes to the little boy, who I was expecting to go unpunished, got punched and kicked by his brother and then placed onto the middle of the street. I was pretty much crying half way through the whole thing and asked them to stop. The brother then reached out and grabbed the little boy, putting ointment on him. He looked at me, almost as if he was saying, "Did you really think I was going to kill my own brother?". Whoa...

He started to go his way, but I ran to him and wanted to thank him for teaching me not to release my anger on anyone. He smiled and walked away. I later went into the garage and bumped into some kids from my Church and two of them who moved to Kansas. They looked at me and said, "Oooo, Jv teacher! I'm telling everyone that I saw you here!", like it was a bad thing or something. I asked them, "What did I do wrong?"... but they didn't reply and they walked to their cars.

Finally, I woke up. Dang, that was kind of intense and all the stuff that happened had something to do with my day yesterday and my thoughts today. So weird.

Moral of this story?
Never gonna take a power nap ever again.

working on something simple

Right now I'm trying to brush up on my programming skills and learn java/xml at the same time. I'm working on a simple flashlight application to get the hang of the android environment and (for today) get used to creating menus.

This is just a sample of the xml file that will make the menu for my program

It's nothing amazing so far, but I need something simple to get started on programming in a language I'm trying to get used to again.

[Edit: Adding on the inflating menu...]
...turns into -->>
Finally started to get the menu to inflate up when you press menu! Yeahhh!