Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Learning While Sick

I've been sick for 3 days now, and I found out that my phlegm color changed from yellow-green to white.  I was a little curious, so I looked up a website that explained a little bit about phlegm color:

Phlegm Color Guide
The color of phlegm can help diagnose a lot about the persons health. Different phlegm color, means a different type of infection. The following phlegm color meaning will help you understand the infection or cause better.
  • White Color Phlegm: White or clear phlegm color means it is a sign of healthy body.
  • Light Yellow Color Phlegm: Light yellow phlegm color is a sign of a well-functioning immune system. It signifies that your immune system is having tough fight within your body and is at the beginning or end of a sinus infection. It is a sign of viral infection in the upper respiratory tract.
  • Dark Yellow Color Phlegm: It means a bacterial infection or lower respiratory tract infection.
  • Brown Color Phlegm: Brown phlegm color meaning is often associated with people who smoke. You can find the phlegm mixed with your saliva. When you spread out the phlegm, you will find it to be grainy textured. This means it is mixed with dust and foreign matter due to damage to cilia commonly observed in COPD patients. If you are smoking too much, the phlegm color will be brown due to resin sticking to it. Just cut down on your smoking if you observe this, as it may worsen the underlying respiratory problems.
  • Green Color Phlegm: Green phlegm color means you have been infected and is commonly observed in cases of pneumonia and internal micro-bleedings. The phlegm is green in color due to an enzyme called myeloperoxidases (MPO), that is green in color. It is present in white blood cells and bacteria attract more white cells than viruses.
  • Blood Color Phlegm: Blood in phlegm is a benign symptom of a bronchitis. The phlegm is normally streaked with blood. When you are coughing up a significant amount of blood, it may be a sign of major illness such as tuberculosis. You need to seek immediate medical attention, in case the amount of blood is more than normal.

So I guess that means I'm getting better!  Woot woot!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stepping forward in android development

I finally figured out how to use the intents in android and adding the activities in the androidmanifest (which is why I was stuck on it for so long... ugh...)!

Can't wait to do more coding!  =D

Christmas Gifts From My Students

When I went to church at New Years Eve, I found out two of my students gave me a Christmas present! Take a look! =D
This is Heidi's gift and now I finally have a picture to put up in my room! My favorite part is the note in the picture and the card. Words mean so much to me! =)
Joon gave me this awesome present! I wasn't sure what it was, but I was delighted to find out...
That is was CHOCOLATE! I love chocolate! =)

Thank you so much, my awesome students! I feel horrible that I couldn't give gifts to you (except for those ghetto greeting cards), but I hope that you will continue to give the gift of joy, that you have given to me, to other people!

Thank you so much! *sniff* =')