Saturday, March 26, 2011

Path Of A Super Novice: 3rd Login

Only could muster up one level today, since I didn't have much time to play, but I went from level 27 to 28.  I found out how hard it is to solo level a novice to level 45 using just int and dex .  Still, I'm trying to get my knight to level 99, so I'll probably post pone this until next week... but I'd love to get my instant cast SN finished!  =)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Path Of A Super Novice: 2nd Login

So I ended my day off yesterday at level 21 and boosted myself up to level 26.  Since the St. Patrick's day event was going on, the fields were very dangerous to level in.  I ended up leveling solo in prontera sewers level 2 and got some good exp!  I even got to wear the Angelic sandals now!  =D

Path Of A Super Novice

Today I started my super novice and I'm going to do a mini-documentation of how it's like to (almost) start from scratch for the super novice.  There are some super novice equipment that I got from mini-bosses beforehand, but I didn't get everything.

Details about my super novice:

Skillsets: Mage/aco, bolter
Stats: int/dex
Starting equips: Angelic equips
Team play: No

I will be doing everything solo and will not steal equips from my storage (except to job change to super novice).  I made my super novice today, but I won't be leveling him much.  I'll do the fabre monster/turn-in quests and then slowly move to other mobs.  Let's see where I end up!