Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Want My Own Website

...But I need to earn money first.  It's weird being an "adult," since I haven't ever thought of myself as someone who is grown up (not to say I can't be serious, but I feel like my childhood personality is part of who I am).  I never thought I would have any issues looking for jobs, but here I am unemployed and still trying to get past the stage of interviews.

Still, I want to be able to make this grand website that is my virtual portfolio of what I have accomplished (not much yet) on my own (outside of industry) and show off.  I still want to make educational video games and have people purchase it and actually be something that helps students of all ages.

Well, I'm going to work up a prototype website after I get a game finished with SDL (almost done!) and maybe I'll post some screenies.  =D

But it's time to relax, sleep, and get ready for service tomorrow!  =)