Saturday, October 1, 2011

H2O Friday Service

Wow... just wow.

First of all, I am glad I was able to come in the special Friday service where it was centered around activities, even though I look forward to the "small group" setting more than anything else.


Mainly because I only knew 4 people there.  I didn't even know if the people I knew would be there or not.  I'm starting to see how Friday services with activities are great for giving people breathing room to get to know others and develop relationships first, rather than being dumped into a small group setting and learning about something that doesn't yet make sense.

I was glad that people could approach me and have common interests as I do.  It was fun to talk about games, school, past experiences, and being able to joke around so easily.  I hope that I can start making more friends and become a part of the small group experience, because I don't want to just play hard.  I want my worship to be strong as well.

All in all, awesome day.  Great fellowship, loved the passage for today (Galatians 5:13-16, I believe?), and I hope I'll be able to come out to more!

(I still won't forget about GMC though!  I miss everyone at CM!)