Sunday, December 18, 2011

Slow Down or Speed Up?

A common problem people experience is speeding through life without a pause...

But I'm not completely part of that group.  I'm half-way in there with my schedule of programming and gaming, but half of the time I need to pick myself up and keep applying to jobs.  It has been a tough few months trying to get experience for software jobs.  I had almost given up on applying to software jobs and moving to IT jobs (which isn't worse, but my dream job is in software), but I started thinking about it.  Couldn't I just build my experience in whatever job I am doing?  I could just spend each day trying to build some kind of software while I am working in another job.

While I was limiting my options to just software jobs, I am now moving towards a wider range of jobs where I can learn and grow inside and outside of the workplace.  I will pick myself up and move forward, no matter how far away from my dream job I will be, I will inch my way closer to it.  As long as I don't give up, there will always be progress.

And I look forward to it.  =)