Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Adventure - 3/31/2012

Today will be an adventure of oil change and laundry!  After conquering the horrors of waiting and complete boredom, I will be on my way to making a simple game in SDL and playing some LoL.

Part 1:

First things first, breakfast/lunch!  =D

Part 2:

Ate breakfast/lunch, finished oil change, bought detergent @ Staters, now waiting for laundry to finish!  Can't wait to start on SDL!

Part 3:

Finished laundry, did some SDL, but my mind is losing focus.  Time for a break!

Part 4:

Played a normal draft game of LoL.  My skills are very rusty, but I managed to pull through a 13/1/11 game in normal draft.  Maybe I'll play a ranked game later?

Time for dinner and more SDL!  =D

Part 5:

Saw a movie with Sen (HUNGER GAMES FTW!) and finished making hovers work for SDL.  Next would be events and then making sure it doesn't get overridden by changes in the mouse states... but that will be for another day!  Sleep time!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Results! Um... Results?

One of the most common things I hear is, "Results are not everything".  I believe that to be true with all my heart.

But results are definitely NOT nothing.

After watching all the TED videos and youtube videos on game development, I was able to recall how I believed (and still do) that people have amazing ideas and potential, but it was when I saw the ideas put into action by the TED speakers and game development vlogs, I saw how we trick ourselves into becoming stagnant.

Once we come up with an idea, we feel proud that we reached that goal and that we can reward ourselves by taking a break.  And that break becomes longer and longer, as we feel we must have this surge of initiative rush into our system somehow and move our bodies onward, like puppets, to finish an amazing task.

Oh, how I wish it were so...

But it is far easier to dream than to take action.  I saw how my plans to create amazing things have actually stopped me from creating anything.  I think I need to take the advice of one TED speaker who says, "Keep your ideas to yourself!"

And now I understand (to a stronger degree) that the ideas just allow me to get a bit of publicity from the people around me (those who say, "Oh, that is amazing!") and the feeling of satisfaction puts me in a state of complacency.

I need to move forward and resist the temptation to show off what I have done.  To only show work that has been accomplished instead of work that may come to fruition.

So what am I going to do to start everything off?  I'm sure you know what my answer will be.

It's a secret!  =)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Have A Plan! A Soup PLANtation!

Today was a great day at soup plantation! Tons of food and great company! I hope I'll get the chance to treat everyone out one day and just hang out. =)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Have I Been Tying My Shoe Laces Wrong?

And the other implications that may follow.  Check out this video!  =)

It's the small advantages that matter.  =D

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dream Log - 3/18/2012

Today I had this weird dream.  The concept is similar to the show "Awake", but I don't know the actual details about the show -- I haven't seen it.  =(

The main character in my dream was this one girl who would sometimes have dreams where she is in a different world.  There are times where she would revisit the world, but if she ever died in her dream, she would never revisit the dream.

Some of the people around her experience the same dreams and notice that their dreams are tied to certain positions of the planets.  When a planet is seen at night, the dreams may be tied to their other character at that planet or dimension.

The dream led to two main characters going on an adventure to save the lives of their dream characters whenever their characters were imprisoned or in danger.  It was an interesting idea that I probably got from watching the flash video "Snow Snow For Lucy" and all those Justice League episodes.

By the way, I really like the animation mentioned above.  =)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

TED Talks - Shame And Why We Won't Have Great Careers

This talk about shame really drove me to understand a little more about some things that hinder me from pursuing what I long to do.  There are times where I tell myself, "You can't, because you are [some adjective for weakness]"

I love how she talks about embracing vulnerability and also fighting against shame and the fear of failure.  This point was also amplified by the following talk:

What really touched me was how we tend to place blame on the precious things around us as the reason we are not able to pursue our passions.  He made it clear that we may end up pushing our hidden problems onto the precious people around us if we play that blame game.

Lots of awesome videos this weekend and one more day closer to the Google Codejam!  I hope as I continue this path of growth that I will not falter when pursuing my passion and be courageous enough to move forward in the face of the unknown, because as I overcome laziness, the problem of uncertainty is my biggest obstacle.

C'mon Jv!  Apply what you learned!  =)

Friday, March 16, 2012

TED Video: Why We Do What We Do

(Warning:  Contains some swearing!  Well, a good amount.)

This speaker's message really resonates with me.  We complain a lot about the resources that keep us from achieving, but it is really our resourcefulness that gives us strength to accomplish things.  This really made my Friday awesome and I will now move on to enjoying my weekend rest.  =D

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March - Current Situation

Okay, so if you don't know already, I'm back down in SoCal working at!  It's been a blast (although I can't say the same about the drive) and I got to meet some new friends.  =)

I'm currently looking forward to the new items that I'm helping the company launch (hush hush secret!) and the upcoming Google coding competition.  OH YEAH!

As the week is winding down to the weekend, it's been cool just watching some of the videos (Like ones on motivation or box packing)

I'm still procrastinating at times when I'm trying to get some work done away from work, but I hope I'll be able to finally start blogging about my first flash game... EVAR!  =D

So yeah, same old boring no picture blog, but I'll get around to posting something worthwhile.  Hopefully.  =P

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Failing At Presenting Ideas (And How I Can Improve)

There are a lot of ideas that I come up with randomly.  Some of them are productive and some of them are just for laughs and giggles.  Today's story is about my failure.  ='(

I guess it all started when I was discussing with my boss about improvements for guiding writers to complete the tasks we have.  My boss then realized that we might be able to improve the way we instruct our writers and it eventually led to a discussion of how to automate some processes.

So now we come to the discussion and there is this back and forth between my two bosses.  It's not an argument, but a strong discussion and I could not present a solution that I felt would work for the processes they wanted to implement.  I realized that my ideas were lacking something and that I still have much to work on.

Some of the traits I was missing were:

  • Quantification:  How do I quantify whether or not my process will work?  Do I have any data or information to base off of it?  Will I have some kind of margin of error?
  • Clarity:  Is it clear and concise?  Is it explained in a way that removes jargon and creates a bigger picture of how I accomplish the task at hand?
  • Understanding of the problem:  Is the problem originally described really the problem we need to solve?
I am disappointed that I could not resolve the problem right then and there, but I now know more of what I need in order to solve the problem and I can already see how much I can grow from overcoming this.


Sorry.  =(

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's It Like Being A Manager?

Well, for one, it's not my cup of tea... when it isn't part of my field.  Right now I'm a manager for writers and having to stay on top of them is not very fun.

Personally, I live and strive on programming challenges, solving difficult software problems, and putting my heart and soul into my algorithms and codes.  When managing a team of fellow coders, it doesn't feel like managing anymore.  It feels like I'm doing friendly reminders or I'm being a part of creating something AWESOME!

But I do enjoy one thing.  I enjoy being able to tell the people under me that they are doing a great job.  I don't do that when it's not true, but it's such a great feeling to see people realize their own potential when they accomplish something -- and I want to be the one to recognize it!  I love sending encouraging emails and being able to talk "business casually" with others.

Plus they have to deal with my awkward introverted nature and I don't have to feel bad about putting them through it.  ;D

Of course, work is work and I do see the bigger picture of what I'm doing.  With no one performing my job, the company's growth potential is limited and if it does not grow, then I cannot push past these tasks and work solely upon software/websites.

The moment I can train someone to perform these tasks, the better off I will be... but I do hope that the person who grabs these reins will enjoy the ride more than me.  =)

(Just so you know, I love software much more than websites.  Web coding is NOT software development, although back-end processes and web applications are closely related)

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.  =P