Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crazy Dream (4/16/2012)

I had this crazy dream where me and my coworkers were playing a game similar to LoL.  We all had abilities, but my team was starting to lose map control.  The game later regressed into fighting with fists, except that I got to use a weak airsoft pistol.

I shot and hit my targets about 85% of the time and beat Scott and Joel.  Scott conceded and allowed me to get the kill,  but later threw an alcohol bottle at me.  Joel didn't let me get the kill for the score board and the dream ended with me complaining about it while Chang was about to find me.

I also met Hansol's team at a later point and we made a quick alliance after he pretended to beat me up in his usual playful manner.  There was also this pretty girl who talked to me, but I have no idea who this was.

- Clean up after yourself
- Don't cheat
- You are not the only team, but you can form alliances.

Weird dream.  I hope I'll get to blog about another one soon.  =)

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Nothing going to be posted for the following week and last week, since Google Codejam is happening soon, but I will post up a timelapse for when I start!  Stay tuned!  =D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yesterday's Timelapse

Just to show you I wasn't lying, I did a timelapse of my coding (and non-coding) related activities after laundry yesterday.  =)