Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crazy Dream (05/05/2012)

Apparently, me and a whole bunch of my friends were part of a hunger games event. I started with this one girl who was really strong.

We planned to go to a building that could teleport us home, but ran into some people who wanted to kill us. The girl defeated most of them and I defeated some with the ability to cast fire.

Before we could reach the teleporter, we ran into a massive amount of zombies and got separated because I was determined to slip through them and get in the portal. I soon became surrounded.

In the midst of the zombies closing in on me, this one black girl pulled me out of the incoming zombies and led me towards the other survivors. We found out one person was behind the zombification of the people around us and was trying to eliminate us all.

We ended up getting surrounded by an even larger zombie force and we did (what I believe) something utterly stupid. We decided to link hands and walk in a circle, facing the zombies at random times or facing each other.
We did this until the zombies lost interest and I made it to the teleporter.

Then I woke up and decided that I am retarded.