Sunday, July 22, 2012

20120722 Dream Log

I had a dream where I was playing LoL with Jim and a whole bunch of people. We were in this flying airship that was a carnival. I was teaching people around me how to play when I suddenly "disconnected" from the airship.

When I reconected, I wound up in a different area of the airship. Frantic, I tried to find my LoL group. I passed by a bunch of arcade machines and midway games and came near the area where the LoL games were held, but I still couldn't find it.

The airship started rumbling and shaking and I ended up chasing someone. I could no longer see them after chasing for a while, so I gave up to search for the LoL area.

After being unable to find the place, I became extremely worried and then I somehow obtained gourmet popcorn that people wanted. I saw a whole bunch of the students from gmc and was swarmed. They took most of my popcorn and by the time I found the LoL area, the airship was closed and shutting down.
The end.